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Learn French abroad: a great experience!

If you learn French in the country where the language is spoken, you will improve your conversation skills and learn French quickly. So where would you like to go? Pick one of the beautiful cities of France, or go for a French language immersion trip adventure to Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, or Morocco!

Our French language courses abroad are for students from all backgrounds, ages, and nationalities. They always include fun activities for juniors, adults, families, and different ages. The French programs are flexible and for all levels. Learn French for one of 20 weeks- or live in France for an entire year!

Learn French abroad and go for a total immersion in the language and culture, make friends and prepare yourself for the opportunities of the global world.

Where to study French: most popular destinations

Paris Students Eiffel Paris

In the stunning French capital, you will find a wide range of French language courses of all levels for professional and personal use. Benefit from the cultural offer is this fantastic city, the fun activities, and take the best French classes in Paris! … » read more

Nice Hotel negresco promenade des anglais Nice

Learn French and enjoy the Mediterranean vibe along the stunning Côte d'Azur while living the local life. Visit the iconic Promenade Anglais, Vieux Nice, and the beautiful beaches after your French classes. … » read more

Montpellier Learn French in Montpellier

Learn French in the vibrant university city of Montpellier and gain international experience as you discover French culture. Montpellier has a unique atmosphere and endless opportunities for activities and fun during your French language course. … » read more

Biarritz Biarritz surf

Learn French and explore the beautiful coastline, go surfing, or dive into the unique Basque culture on the coast of France - you'll make unforgettable memories while learning French in Biarritz. … » read more

Antibes Antibes France

The French school in the peaceful city of Antibes offers a dynamic atmosphere. You will benefit from the unique Mediterranean climate in both summer and winter in Antibes. Enjoy the cultural offer and the sandy beaches while improving your French. … » read more

Canada: Quebéc or Montreal Lake Canada

Whether you want to learn to speak French for business or study, in Montreal and Quebec, you will learn the French language and live a cultural immersion experience while doing adventurous nature trips at our French school in stunning Canada. … » read more

Popular French Courses

Intensive French Group Course Learn French group course

Our affordable, flexible, and interactive online French courses will encourage interaction and help you gain fluency in the French language. The most popular course for all levels with weekly starting dates and flexibility to meet your needs and goals. … » read more

French & Surf French and surf Biarritz France

Join a French language course with surfing or diving in France: practice your French language skills while taking surfing lessons in Biarritz, designed for all levels of surfers and all physical conditions, or go diving in Nice! … » read more

French & Activities French and adventure in France or Canada

Combine your French lessons with other activities like surfing, horseback riding, cooking, wine tasting, yoga, diving, skiing, golf, tennis, and more. The opportunities in the different French schools are endless! So take a group of individual French lessons with fun activities in France. … » read more

French Immersion Learn French in France Paris

During the French courses, we speak French from the first moment, and the pace of the lessons is adapted to the students so that they learn to speak French correctly. As a result, the French lessons are communicative and practical, and the conversation is central. … » read more

Best French Program for YOU

French for Young Adults French for young adults

Learn a new language, live some time abroad for an intensive language course, and make new friends from all over the world! Enjoy excellent French language courses in France while improving your French skills while traveling, and have a lot of fun! … » read more

French for seniors French for seniors

French for seniors is for you if you wish to learn French while discovering France and the mythical French Riviera, among others. Combine French lessons with excursions and activities. With the lovely climate and stunning landscapes between the sea and mountains, this is the perfect way to learn French and enjoy. … » read more

French for Adults French for Teens

Learn French and speak like a local: if this is your goal, enjoy one of the French immersion programs in France, Switzerland, Canada, or Belgium. The best way to study French is by immersion in a country where the people speak the French language! … » read more

French for Kids and Teens Summer camp Ffrench for kids

With French lessons for kids and teens, your kids will make unforgettable memories while learning French. Combine quality tuition & language immersion with action-packed fun & adventures like surfing, skiing, games, outdoor activities, and accommodation. … » read more

French immersion: the Best Way to learn French

French schools in France, Belgium, Canada and Switzerland


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